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3rd time’s a charm. Or 4th.

I recently admitted to myself that I like to write. While the writing itself is fun, it’s also a way for me to process what’s happening in my life and a way to connect with the outside world.

My purpose here is to develop, inspire, and help you, in the areas of leadership, locomotion, and life. Being that I am a lifelong learner, I don’t pretend to be a know-it-all in these areas and welcome your point of view at any time.

For those of you that do not know me, I’m David – a husband, father, professor, coach, athlete, speaker, and now blogger. If I’ve learned anything in 3 and a half decades, it’s that I’m passionate about the following topics:

  • Leadership & Coaching – the art and science of training, instructing, motivating, and transforming lives. While my particular niche is coaching triathletes & other endurance athletes, I have an enthusiasm for learning from all kinds of leaders.
  • Locomotion – fitness, health, sport, being active & the “loco” lifestyle that sometimes comes with it!
  • Life – family, education, wellness, love, balance, and other miscellaneous topics.

Back in 2007, I started my first blog documenting Ironman Arizona and the year leading up to it. The next year, I got married and changed the name of the blog (second blog) in hopes that my wife and I might post “together” (bad idea!). And then in 2012, the third blog was birthed around the idea of “longevity”.

Looking back, the first blog was created to impress you; the second just an extension of the first, really; and the third was exploratory in nature and was started because it “made logical sense” to do so. None stood the test of time.

So, I’ve finally found the right blend of topics, ones I truly care about, to create a blog around. And perhaps the right motivation: fun and enjoyment.

So here’s to numero cuatro – #4. For the reasons I listed above and because it’s never too late to start or to follow a dream.

Live Free,



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