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A Call to Action – Run, Jog, Walk, Crawl a 5k

Many know and understand the benefits of exercise and living an active life, and yet it still may not result in ACTION. It’s on-and-off again or never on at all.

I’m offering to jump-start your 2015 by personally coaching you towards a 5k, for FREE

And I’m not just talking about couch potatoes here. Ironman finishers and sedentary folk alike, go through spaces where they hit a plateau or just can’t seem to drum up the motivation.

To the fitness veterans: maybe you need a fresh look at things or maybe you don’t need a training program at all; time may be better spent developing non-fitness aspects of yourselves. To the out-of-shape folks: perhaps you need a combination of accountability, encouragement, and direction.

Many seem to get overwhelmed about HOW they are going to get in shape or get their fitness back. While I understand and can sympathize with that, it doesn’t move you forward.

Put an end to the resistance and instead put the energy into what you’re going to do TODAY. That’s what really matters.

I challenge you to get 2015 started off with a bang by making your health a priority!

What does that look like, “in action”? One way is to sign up for an event and place the date on your calendar.

If you choose to accept the challenge, I will assist by providing:

  • An 8-week training plan (you choose: Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced).
  • A weekly email providing training & injury prevention tips, as well as encouragement and motivation.
  • Meet-up opportunities for group workouts (i.e., Wednesday track, Sunday “long” runs) — These will be announced in the weekly emails.

HOW TO JOIN THE FUN: Simply leave a comment on this post saying you’d like to join the 5k email list, and I’ll personally send you a training plan. If you’d like to remain anonymous, then you can send me a note through this link by clicking on the blue “Contact David” button.

Training begins Tuesday, January 13th. 

The experience culminates with a 5k on Saturday, March 7th, in Dallas Texas. You don’t have to be doing that race to participate in the training.

You see, over time I’ve learned for myself that no day is complete without at least 45-60 minutes of exercise (with days off being the exception, of course). This is part of my personal recipe for creating a great day, everyday.

At first, I trained to win races and to get as fast as I possibly could. Today, I am more intrinsically motivated and find the actual exercise itself enjoyable. Your motivation might change over time, too. The key is to find a reason to keep your body moving and working well, despite whatever “phase” you might find yourself in.

Oh and by the way, this is meant to be FUN. If you’re having fun you’ll be more likely to stay active over the long haul. Take the pressure off and give yourself a reason to engage.

For your success!



39 thoughts on “A Call to Action – Run, Jog, Walk, Crawl a 5k

  1. Valerie Jopling says:

    I’m Andy’s wife, and me and my sister are signing up for the Shannon Brewery 5K on March 14th, put on by Dallas Athletes Racing. Thanks for your offer!


  2. Brooke Wagliardo says:

    Training from you??!! Sign me up! I will be the one crawling, but my muscles are BEGGING for exercise. I need to get motivated.


  3. Ryan says:

    Hi David. My wife Piya would like to give this a try. She needs to get in better cardio shape before our trip to Patagonia in mid-March, so your 5K training is perfect timing!


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