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Video Response to 5k Training FAQ’s

On January 1st, I offered something new to the community to help folks get the year started off on the right foot: a 5k run/jog/walk/crawl program.

Training starts today.

In a three-part video series, I’ve addressed many questions the participants have had up until this point.

5k training program FAQ’s:

VIDEO #1 – 8:15

  • What if the “Novice” program seems a little more than I can handle, but the “Walking” program seems too easy?
  • Would you please suggest run walk intervals for either the novice or the walking program?
  • I’m trying to decide which plan to go with. I had my longest run ever this weekend. I ran 20 minutes straight and went a mile and half. Typically I run 3 minutes and walk 2 minutes. Should I go for the “Novice” plan and build up my run? I really want to improve my run!
  • How cold is too cold to run?
  • At what point is it okay to substitute an indoor run for an outdoor one?
  • How do I handle days where my training plan says to do a large number of miles, but my body is saying “You have got to be kidding me!” (In other words, I am too fatigued from previous training or unexpected work obligations.) Should I do the workout or would resting be better?

VIDEO #2 – 8:43

  • I am in charge of meal planning for my family, and it can all be a bit overwhelming. What are some good, healthy foods to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I obviously want to fuel my running, but it’s also important that I drop about 10 pounds from baby weight.
  • I have time to work out on my lunch hour. Do you suggest I eat before noon and then again after my workout (around 1:30pm) so that I don’t crash?
  • FEAR processed sugars!

VIDEO #3 – 11:00

  • What level of effort (i.e., HR zones) will the 3-5 mile runs be in? Should I mix in any walking or even more intense efforts during the regular runs?
  • How much faster can I expect my 5k time to get in 8 weeks of training (if everything goes well in training)?
  • Do you use a metro timer of any kind when you run?
  • What do you do to stay on plan when an injury strikes, such as plantar fasciitis?
  • In the past I’ve gotten shin splints. What’s the best way to avoid them?
  • With weather being so cold, I have a hard time with motivation. I like jogging outside, so sometimes running on a treadmill is not as fun. Any suggestions?

Happy Training,

Coach David


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