Let it Be? or Press Forward?

Sometimes “letting it be” feels like giving up to me. It’s an excuse to not work hard.

On the other hand NOT “letting it be” can sometimes feel like I am resisting life, trying to control outcomes. What gives?

For a person who is obsessed with self-improvement and thrives off of achievement and results, the medicine of “chill” and “do nothing” can be awkward pills to swallow. And yet at times, that’s exactly what the situation needs: time and patience.

But when you do back off, to “let it be”, and give the situation room to breathe by easing of your suffocating grip, how do you know if you’re making the situation better or worse?


Trust yourself.

Trust in a gracious future that holds your best interests in mind.

Through it you gain experience, and perhaps tolerance, to inform future life decisions.

Some of us need more “pressing on” in our lives, to ability to double-down and commit fully. And some could benefit from just simply “letting go” and the giving up of control.

Which one feels more foreign, or makes you feel vulnerable or perhaps a bit uncomfortable?

For it is in that space, where your next breakthrough may await.


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