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A Moment of Spontaneity…

About 10 minutes before the last day of class, it hit me that I was going to greatly miss this special group of students.

I felt the urge to write a poem, in an attempt to convey what I was feeling to these leaders of tomorrow. I write these rhymes ever so often for Nikki but never before for one of my classes.

When the idea first popped into my head, my “resistant inner voice” scoffed at the lack of time I had to get it done. And even if I was able to get something written down, would it be cohesive and meaningful?

I started writing.

The short timeline forced me to focus my thoughts and energies ever so intensely.

I came up with something…

And it was received well! Pulled it off better than I could have imagined.

I’m glad I acted on the nudge and went through with it. The students seemed to appreciate it.

Cheers to another great year at the Hilltop,



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