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Memorable Faces at White Rock Lake

I’ve lived near the lake most of my life. But it wasn’t until the last 12 years that I could call myself a “regular” in regards to cycling or running around Lawther or the lake path.

This post is dedicated to the people I’ve seen the most during that time frame (and that are memorable). I don’t know any of their names, but maybe you do.

THE WAVER – This man must be the happiest of all lake rats. He usually rides a hybrid bike, perfect for taking one hand off the handle bars and using it to wave to every human he sees. One time I saw him wave to 10 people individually in less than 5 seconds it seemed! He will wave at you regardless if you are facing him or not. Just smiling away and waving, determined to not allow any walker, runner, cyclist, or stroller, to go by him without receiving a wave. Although I’ve never seen him standing, he seems tall and usually wears a white sleeveless tee. Parks near Boy Scout Hill I think. Friendly dude!

THE FREE ADVICE GUY – How can you not see this guy and his entourage? He bring chairs and a big sign that reads “Free Advice”. When heading south on West Lawther from Mockingbird, you’ll see him near a parking lot on your left before you reach Branchfield. Only weekends I believe. Sometimes he is alone when no one wants free advice, but most of the time there are several people sitting with him. I’m still not sure if it’s the same people every time or if he’s attracting new customers. At any rate, this man is helping people with what he knows I suppose! A staple at the lake.

THE MAYOR – The runner (or shuffler) gets his nickname because I’ve never seen him running too long without stopping to chat it up with folks. He also usually has a small group running with him. I imagine if he’s looping the lake it must take him 3 hours or so, given his pace and inclination for wanting to be mayor-like and all. For some reason I want to say his name is David but I’m really not sure. I really like this guy because he sports the calf-high, white tube socks!! It looks cool; at least I think so. Haven’t seen him as much lately, so I almost omitted him but due to past consistency and the tube socks he made the cut. Must be nice to be the “mayor” of the WR hike and bike trail.

THE ASIAN ULTRA-RUNNER – Not much to say here. He is light as a feather. Always running. I’m sure multiple loops. Always there! Did I mention grasshopper, light as a feather? Not very fast but I get the impression he might do 50 and 100-milers. Just a hunch. Parks at TP Hill. If you run at the lake then you’ve definitely seen this guy at some point.

THE CYCLIST – Since I live very near the lake, I am fortunate to use it a lot and there are times when I feel like I have it all to myself…it could be super early, or just about to rain, or a little on the cold side, whatever the case you get the point. Just as soon as I’ve have the thought “It’s nice to be here all alone,” this cyclist turns up! He is most always wearing a Dallas Bike Works kit and glasses. Not sunglasses. Glasses. He is always usually traveling against the grain. Either he rides all the time and nets 400 miles a week or is a cyclist brother from a different mother and prefers the unusual times to utilize the lake like me.

THE INDIAN KoM – This endurance athlete usually wears a full-zip jersey but always leaves it unzipped. Even in cold weather (if my memory serves me right), he will layer up but will still wear the jersey like this. It’s his flair I suppose! He is KoM for “King of the Mountains” in the Tour de France – on the hard climbing stages, it’s not uncommon for the riders to unzip their jerseys. I see this athlete running occasionally too, but he seems more in his element on the bike. Always training and usually traveling against the grain (counterclockwise).

Who am I missing?

See you out there!


2 thoughts on “Memorable Faces at White Rock Lake

  1. Jill says:

    David, you know of course I’ve stopped to talk with them!! My curiosity always gets the best of me, one of the guys also interprets dreams. Stop one day, very interesting man


  2. I enjoyed your blog. You are correct Dave is the old runner. He is the mayor of the lake. Great guy!
    The Asian Runner is Jimmy! He can also be found swimming at SMU on a sunday p.m.
    The Cyclist I do not know.
    The KOM rider is Jonas. He is a doctor of medicine. And he always has two tops on (no matter the temps) with one unzipped.
    One guy I would add is the Ultra Guy. Older guy (I would suggest 50’s)that always runs at the hottest times of the day. He is like a machine. Not fast but not slow. But always runs in the heat.
    Again, I enjoyed this blog.


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